The growth of Linguistic immersion in France

A sure and effective pedagogic formula

The technique of linguistic immersion is taking on an increasingly dominant pedagogical role. Aiming for bilingualism, linguistic immersion has met with great success amongst young people and professionals. The objective of linguistic immersion is language acquisition. Within this framework, the development of new skills occurs in a more natural and subconscious way and motivation is maintained. In contrast traditional language courses aim at language learning; this process is conscious, it requires great effort and places considerable constraints on the learner with limited results. Maintaining the learner’s motivation is difficult with language learning and poses crucial problems for the teacher.

The benefits of linguistic immersion

Immersion is a linguistic experience, but also a very rich human experience. One very quickly notices in our students an ease of communication in the immersion language, with rapid progress and lasting acquisition. We also note their high level of motivation and interest for the language, as well as the pleasure they gain from speaking it.

On a cognitive level, linguistic immersion promotes the development of broader skills such as improved concentration, greater curiosity and intellectual alertness, spontaneity of expression, pleasure in communicating in living exchanges, remarkable adaptability, organizational skills, efficient learning strategies and greater self-confidence. On a cultural level, linguistic immersion through knowledge of the language, increases learner’s openness to the world, arouses interest for another culture and facilitates the development of intercultural relationships. It also allows the learner to rid himself of his cultural prejudices.

For more information

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